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FMI's Commercial Printing Services

Commercial Printing Equipment Services


Goss 4 High Community using FMI Exo Frame

FMI Industries is recognized as one of the leaders in commercial web press design, consulting, equipment remanufacturing, rebuilding, repair, replacement parts, and related services.


Our leadership capabilities are founded on many years of commercial web press experience. This experience is derived from: engineering, remanufacturing and maintenance exposure in electrical, electronic, and mechanical functions of all versions of Goss, Heidelberg, Harris M-80, M-90, M-110's, M-120, M-130, M-200's, M-300, M-600, M-850's, M-1000's, M-2000, M-3000, M-4000 , 3550 Book Presses, V-15, V-25, V-30, N-845 N-1650, Goss Comunity, Urbinite, Colorliner, associated folders, and auxiliaries.


The FMI reputation is to take older vintage equipment and upgrade it by adding technologically enhancing products. The completion creates a level comparable to what is currently available on the New Equipment Market. Most importantly, hands-on startup orientation and training is unparalleled in the industry.

On-site training of customer personnel is standard-practice. Customers are encouraged to assign responsible technicians to participate in all projects.

FMI identifies problems before they become apparent to the press operators. Problems that press crews have been working-around for years are routinely solved quickly and effectively. The combined experience of principal team members exceeds 50 years of trouble-shooting, repairing, overhauling and remanufacturing Goss Heidelberg Harris Web Presses. Expertise has been acquired by tackling the hard-to-solve problems that continually stump other printing professionals, from equipment manufacturer’s technical personnel to experienced press operators. It’s this kind of dedication that endears customers to the FMI organization.


Our mission statement ensures that Goss, Heidelberg, and Harris Web Presses receive the dedicated attention demanded by our customers. That statement says, in part, that: FMI specializes in remanufacturing web presses and related printing equipment for the Commercial Web Printing Industry, providing new auxiliaries and consulting services. In addition, we design, engineer and manufacture press upgrades and auxiliaries that enhance and improve operating characteristics and reliability, maintenance procedures and press run-ability. Product performance meets or exceeds the original OEM design specifications and provides technological advancements, allowing older presses to operate with increased capabilities. Our commitment is to provide quality equipment and service to our customers in order that they are able to maintain high standards of product quality and productivity.

We intend to form a long and mutually beneficial relationship with all of our customers.

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