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WHY FMI Industries

WHY FMI Industries


FMI Industries Inc., is a company providing service to all types of markets. Our team is made up of Engineers, Designers, Mechanics, Machinists, Riggers, Electricians, Electronic Technicians, Truck Drivers and Logistic Coordinators

The Woodridge Facility

Our Core business helps provide the best products and or solutions to many different market places. Here is a list of a few of the established markets:

Government Agencies


Packaging Market

News Paper

Food Industry

Commercial Printing

Swimming Pool Market

Seed Bag Industry


Transportation Industry

FMI's team and partners can handle any project large or small. Starting with FMI Electrical Services..................... (See below)

Electrical Contracting

Our Electrical Contracting service provides consulting, permitting, line drawing and emergency services to all commercial and residential customers. We are proud of our Chicago license ( #: ECC94467) enabling FMI to provide our services, not only in Chicago and its suburbs, but in 48 other states.


We are one of the leaders in the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) world, providing integration solutions to customers in government agencies, retail, sports, and seed packaging systems. FMI recently created a system to read and confirm RFID tagged seed bags for one of the leading seed bag manufactures in the country. The system will read the tags and confirm. If by chance, an RFID tagged bag was not working, the system will automatically reject the improper functioning seed bag.

Coloring Aggregate Equipment

Challenging our Engineering team, we found a solution to color opaque aggregate by creating an epoxy based coding mixed with specialized coloring pigments that cure under IR heat. Once coded, the colored aggregate is chemical resistant and does

The Coloring Aggregate Equipment

not fade in sun light (UV Resistant). Creating the coding the team designed and manufactured a machine to color the opaque aggregate via colored epoxy, IR curing, and finally packaging the product. The colored aggregate is used in swimming pools, flooring, fish tanks, golf course, and landscaping industries.

Re- designing

Matrix Nutrition LLC (now partner of FMI), challenged FMI to create a device to stabilize Rice Bran. This is the brown substance around a rice kernel. The substance is very high in nutrition and used as animal feed. Our staff re-designed a section of the coloring aggregate equipment to provide the means to neutralize the enzyme called Lipase. If the enzyme is not neutralized, the Rice Brand will become rancid in a matter of hours.

Announcing OUR Newest Addition

FMI was chosen to head up the US Division (Packsmart USA) of Packsmart Inc of Canada. Packsmart provides individually tailored solutions that bridge the gap between printing and packaging industries. Whether your customers desire high visibility windowed cartons, secured gift cards packaging including scratch and win game cards, ecofriendly media packaging for CDs, DVDs, direct mail or pharmaceutical kits, and inserts or digital printing, our modular finishing systems will boost your company's efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Logistics and Transportation

FMI Transport is our Warehouse and Transportation company. The company has the ability to store or tranport all types of products, from food to equipment, and even products that ship out of the country. The team at FMI transport can support your logistic and transport needs via air, land, and sea.

Founded On

Finally what FMI was founded on, serving the Commercial Printing, Newspaper, and Direct-Mail Markets. Providing strengths in design and engineering, project management, appraisals, manufacturing, repair, and 24 hour emergency care. FMI will handle all your needs.

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Project Management Design and Engineering Commercial Printing Equipment Electrical Services RFID Integrated Solutions Used, Repaired and New Parts Logistics and Transportation Equipment Handling New and/or used Equipment

Take a close look at all the services to find what you need in your operation. Please call or email us for any of your needs. We would love to help.

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