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Equipment Handling Serivces

Equipment and Handling Services


FMI Industries provides a mix of installation and removal strengths. From equipment at the skid level to moving equipment weighing 500 tons. What ever your needs, FMI

will be able to provide a solution to complete the job.

Our teams and partners are some of the best in the world.

We will make sure your project will be done on time and on budget. Just challenge us to the project and you will not be disappointed.

FMI Industries takes pride in the services it offers. Take a look at some of the support we provide.

Our Capabilities

We have the teams and Partners to provide the following services:

1. Plant Closures

a. Provide dollar value appraisals.

b. Permitting and organizing the removal of all the equipment.

c. Auctions (provide service to remove any and all of equipment).

d. Making sure the building is put back to original condition.

2. Precision Optical leveling.

3. Rigging personal to handle all equipment from 1 to 500 tons.

4. New Installations.

5. Equipment to handle all your needs

a. Gantries

b. Cranes

c. Fork Trucks

d. Rigging and Straps

e. Hydraulic jacks

f. Levels from precision optical along with levels


Our Partners

Brtton Services, Inc. Optical Tooling Service Tri Mechanical Inc. Press Here to contact us for more Information
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